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Use ChatGPT to extract structured contact details from signatures in Gmail and sends them to Google Sheets, webhooks, Airtable, Zapier etc.

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Email Signature Parser

The Email Signature Parser is free to use. However, if you want to access advanced features such as automatic sending of parsed data to webhooks and data deduplication, please purchase a lifetime license key ($24.99).

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Privacy warning: The Email Signature Parser uses ChatGPT to extract contact details from your emails which involves the sharing of your email with ChatGPT. Rest assured that your data is not stored or shared with any third-party entities other than ChatGPT.

The extension extracts the following contact details (when they are available):

  • first_name
  • last_name
  • email
  • job_title
  • company
  • phone
  • website

In order use the extension, you will need to generate a free OpenAI (ChatGPT) API key. Here's how to create an API key:

  1. Create a free account or sign in to the OpenAI Platform.
  2. Open the API keys page at
  3. Click the "Create new secret key" button to generate a new API key and paste it in the extension.
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