No-code email parser 🚀

Extract and export valuable data from your emails and documents, automatically.

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No-code ⚡️

Simply highlight data you would like to extract. It takes only a few minutes.

PDF & attachments 📎

Extract data from email attachments: PDF, HTML, TXT, XLSX, DOCX, XML and many others.

Integrate with Zapier 🚀

Automatically save your email attachments to Dropbox or connect Parsio with more than 4,000 apps via Zapier.

Extract contacts 🙋‍♂️

Parsio automatically collects email addresses and contact names from all your incoming emails.

Export your data 📤

Sync with Google Sheets or download parsed data (XLSX, CSV, JSON).

Send data to a webhook 🛠

Send data in real time to your server, CRM or any 3rd-party platform.

Unlimited mailboxes 📬

Create unlimited number of mailboxes and templates to parse different email types.

Multiple templates 📄

Create multiple templates to handle different email layouts. Parsio automatically chooses the right one.

Data is not for sale 🙅‍♂️

Your data is securely hosted in the EU, and you can remove it forever anytime.

How it works

Capture valuable data from incoming emails and export it to any app.

Capture data from email

Send a sample email to Parsio.


Highlight valuable data you want to extract.


Parsio automatically extracts data from all similar incoming emails 🧙

Take your business to the next level through automation with Parsio.

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