Save days of work with a few clicks

Email parser

Automatically extract text data from incoming emails.

PDFs & attachments

Extract data from documents: PDF, HTML, XLSX (Excel), CSV, DOCX, XML, TXT and more.

Web pages

Automatically extract text data from web pages.

Multichannel import

Forward emails, import files via API, upload them manually or use an automation platform like Zapier, Make, Pabbly Connect etc.

Unlimited mailboxes

Create unlimited number of mailboxes and templates to parse different email types.

Reliable & secure

Your data is securely hosted in the EU, and you can delete it forever anytime.


Think of all the time you will gain


Use Machine Learning for OCR and automatic data extraction (including tables and handwritten text) from scanned PDFs and images.


Simply highlight data you would like to extract. It only takes a few minutes.

Extract contacts

Parsio automatically collects email addresses and contact names from all your incoming emails.

Multiple templates

Create multiple templates to handle different email layouts. Parsio automatically chooses the right one.

Tables and repetitive data

Extract purchased items from invoices and order confirmation emails, blog articles from newsletters and more!


Extract generic email information such as sender's email address, email received date and time etc.

Parsing PDF with AI
Parsing scanned PDF files with AI

Finally, a tool to stop wasting your time on repetitive tasks


Modify the parsed data before exporting: add custom formatting and business logic.

Export to Google Sheets

Built-in integration to export your data to Google Sheets.


Connect Parsio with more than 6,000 apps via Zapier, Make, Pabbly Connect, KonnectzIT, Integrately, n8n and many more.

Send data to webhooks

Send data in real time to your server, CRM or any 3rd-party platform.

Download to file

Download the parsed data (XLSX, CSV, JSON).

Download via API

The parsed data is available through our API.

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