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Parsio with Make

Achieve more by connecting your Parsio account with 1000+ apps on Make.

The integration of Parsio and the Make platform opens up new possibilities for automating your workflows. With this integration, you can easily connect Parsio to the Make platform to access a wide range of apps, tools, and services.

The Make platform provides a simple and intuitive interface for connecting different apps and services, and by linking it to Parsio, you can extract data from emails and PDFs in real time. This makes it easier to automate processes and eliminates the need for manual data entry. Whether you want to streamline your workflow, manage leads, or simply automate repetitive tasks, the integration of Parsio and the Make platform can help.

With the Make platform, you can create custom integrations with almost any app or service. There are endless possibilities!

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Popular ways to use Parsio and Make together

Google Sheets

Send email leads or create financial reports from your bank transactions.


Notify your team about new leads, sales, server alert or bank transactions.


Create new subscribers and automatically send emails.


Adds rows to your database.

Google Drive

Upload files to Google Drive.


Upload files to Dropbox.

Google Calendar

Create or update Google Calendar events.

Say goodbye to manual data entry!