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Parsio with Webhooks

Webhooks simply POST data to a specific URL every time we see something new.

Parsio's integration with webhooks provides maximum flexibility for users who want to create custom integrations whatever the complexity. With Parsio, users can extract data from emails and PDFs in real time and then use webhooks to push the extracted data to their desired destination.

This integration is ideal for businesses and organizations having unique requirements and seeking a bespoke solution. Whether you need to send data to a custom API, a database or a cloud-based app, Parsio's webhook integration allows you to do so in a seamless and a streamlined manner.


Popular ways to use Parsio and Webhooks together

Integrate with your database

Insert the parsed data into your database.

Integrate with any app

Pipeline the parsed data to a CRM, marketing platform, Google Sheets and more.

Send data to your server

Send the parsed data to your server for a post-processing.

Say goodbye to manual data entry!