⚡️ Meet Airparser, our new GPT-powered parser that transforms documents into data!

Extract structured data with GPT parser

Use natural language processing to extract data from human-written emails, CVs and unstructured documents.

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Extract data from unstructured and human-written emails using a simple prompt.

PDFs and files

Use natural language processing to extract structured data from PDFs, HTML, tables and more.

Simple prompt

Describe the data you want to extract as if you were explaining it to someone.


Export the parsed data in real time to Google Sheets, webhooks, API, Zapier and 6000+ apps and platforms.

How it works

Build your own GPT parser in easy 3 steps

Step 1. Import

Send your emails and files (PDF, HTML, TXT, DOCX, XML, MD, and JSON), upload them manually or import using our API.

How it works

Step 2. Write a prompt

Simply describe the data you want to extract as if you were talking to a person. No need to create parsing templates or complex parsing rules.

How it works

Step 3. Export

Send the parsed structured data in real time to Google Sheets, webhooks or your favorite platform thanks to 6,000+ integrations.

How it works
GPT Parser

Parse any kind of documents

Invoices and receipts
Resumes and CVs
Unstructured documents
Human-written emails
Flight and travel details
Product descriptions
Order details
Sentiment analysis
Document summaries

3000+ customers can't be wrong

Found the holy grail! Extracts contract/pdf data, even when the document was handwritten!!

It's honestly just a great productivity tool.

I love that we can grab pieces of emails and parse them to automate responses.

You can organize a lot of incoming data, like bank statements, investment, real state in a straightforward manner.

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