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Capture & extract data from receipts

Parse unstructured receipts in 1 click with 99% accuracy freeing up your team's time for more important tasks.

Receipt OCR data extraction

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Powerful AI engine

Recognize handwritten and printed text in Latin and European languages from text files, scanned PDFs and images.

No-code parser

No need to train complex Machine Learning models to parse most common document types. Create your AI PDF parser in 5 minutes or less!

Universal data parser

Parsio was created to capture data from emails, attachments, PDFs, HTML, CSV, Excel files and many more.

Webhooks & API

Sync and send the parsed data to Webhooks and API, and create any custom integration.

Automated data entry

Use one of our built-in integrations or streamline your data to an automation platform like Zapier, Make, Pabbly Connect, n8n and many more.

Data normalization

Add custom business logic to format and structure the parsed data. Cut down on redundancy and make your database more efficient.


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This software is great for helping me automatically log my receipts.

It is almost magic! I am a dance teacher, not a coder. Still, I can now parse my emails and automate a process that was very cumbersome before!

From the very first moment you feel you are using a software that is well built and easy to understand and use.

It is amazing and easy to use. I like interface of this software and it has so many options to choose from.

How it works

Be on top of your game with the intelligent document processing

01. Send receipts from any channel

Bring your PDF receipts and scanned images from emails, upload them manually, send via API or use an automation platform.

How it works

02. Auto-capture data with AI

Trained on millions of receipts and bills, Parsio's Machine Learning algorithms extract automatically transaction timestamps, merchant details, taxes and total amounts.

How it works

03. Integrate data in your existing systems

Create an integration with 6000+ apps and platforms, send the parsed data to webhooks, download in Excel, CSV, JSON files, or get it via API.

How it works

Connect your favorite apps from within Parsio

Integrate the tools that you already use on a daily basis.

Google Sheets logo

Google Sheets

Extract accurate information from emails, invoices, receipts, PDF files to Google Sheets in real time.

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Organize your business transactions and send invoices and receipts data with Parsio & QuickBooks integration.

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Sync the captured data from receipts, bills and invoices to Xero to track businesses expenses and automate accounts payable for your business.

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Google Drive

Automatically upload your PDF files and email attachments to Cloud Storage.

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