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AI Parser

Automate invoices data extraction

Extract accurate data from unstructured invoices and documents in real time with our AI-powered OCR technology.

Invoice OCR data extraction

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Why Parsio for Invoice OCR processing?

Accurate data extraction in seconds

Pre-trained on millions of invoices, our AI parser extracts data from text and scanned PDF files and images in less than 5 seconds.

Any layout and many languages

Parsio is trained to process invoices in any layout and recognize handwritten and printed text in Latin and European languages.

Integrate in your software

Transform your workflow with Parsio. Connect with the apps you use every day to automate tasks, save time and get more done.


3000+ customers can't be wrong

The experience is good. My uses are two: Scan invoices and process documents of the public administration.

The best tool to automate the process of extracting, normalizing, and exporting of the most valuable data from your documents.

Parsio is the best email parser on the market. I've tried a few and this one is by far the most user-friendly and efficient.

You can organize a lot of incoming data, like bank statements, investment, real state in a straightforward manner.

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How it works

What you can do with our AI Invoice processing engine

Build your invoice parser in minutes

Send your PDFs and scanned images by email, upload them manually or import using our API.

How it works

Parsio extracts data automatically

Auto-extract tables and line items, invoice ID, customer & vendor details, total & subtotal with our pre-trained AI Invoice engine.

How it works

Export your data

Send the parsed invoice data in real time to Google Sheets, webhooks or your favorite platform thanks to 6,000+ integrations.

How it works
AI Parser

Extract Invoice data automatically

Invoice ID
Invoice date
Tables & Line items
Email, Phone & Fax
Invoice notes
Customer name & ID
Billing address
Shipping details
Vendor name
Vendor address
Due date
Amount due
And even more!

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