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Step 1

Send a sample email

Send a sample email or upload a file to parse.

Extract data from emails.

Extract data from PDFs and documents.

Forward emails, upload files or send them via API.

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Step 2

Highlight the data to extract

Create a template and tell Parsio what data is important to you.

No-code solution.

Setup in less than 2 minutes.

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Step 3

Sit back and relax

Parsio automatically extracts data from all similar incoming emails. That's where the magic happens ✨.

Download parsed data, sync with Google Sheets or export using webhooks.

6,000+ integrations via automation platforms.

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Automation for businesses of all sizes

With Parsio

You save on employee costs

When you have an automated email parsing software, you don’t have to hire data entry staff or assign these tasks to other employees.

You guarantee better quality

With Parsio all of your data is 100% accurate whilst even the best manual data entry expert can’t be 100% accurate.

You increase your productivity

Parsio helps to manage the increased workflow by extracting data from all the incoming emails so that you have nothing to worry about other than making your customers happy.

You run on autopilot

Parsio will keep running even when you or your employees are unavailable.

You save time

With Parsio, it only takes a few minutes to setup your own email & document parser.

Without Parsio

Your data contains errors

The more times you do repetitive tasks, the more likely it will happen that you will make an error because your brain becomes tired and starts making mistakes.

You waste time on repetitive tasks

When repetitive tasks tasks are done with precision, they can be very time consuming.

You are overloaded during the holidays

Businesses are typically overloaded during holidays. Without automation, they are not able to provide the same level of service as before.

You end up hiring a team

At some point you end up hiring a team to do boring tasks that you can no longer do yourself.

We play well with others

Easily integrate Parsio with the tools you’re already using. Export leads data from your emails to Google Sheets, automatically parse your PDF invoices and import them into your accounting software, upload attachments to Cloud Storage and much more!

Parsio integrations

You are in good hands

Trusted by 3,000+ leading businesses. Recognized by the experts.

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3K+ companies use Parsio to work more efficiently

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It is almost magic! I am a dance teacher, not a coder. Still, I can now parse my emails and automate a process that was very cumbersome before! It is easy to use and set up. Almost self-explanatory.”

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