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Parsio with Emails & attachments

Forward emails to Parsio to automatically parse them or create autoresponders.

With Parsio, you can easily extract data from emails and attachments, including PDFs, images, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, HTML files, and CSV files.

Simply forward your emails and attachments to Parsio, and watch as the platform automatically extracts important information in real time. Streamline your data processing and spend less time manually extracting and organizing information.

Learn more about our Email Parser and PDF Parser.


Popular ways to use Parsio and Emails & attachments together

Parse emails

Automatically forward and parse incoming emails.

Parse attachments

Automatically parse incoming attachments: PDF, Excel, CSV, TXT and more.


Respond to your customers, automatically.

Send emails

Automatically parse incoming documents, compose and send emails to your leads and customers.

Say goodbye to manual data entry!